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Description: Internet Explorer Repair Tool
Operating System: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000
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PLEASE NOTE: Internet Explorer Errors are usually caused by either Windows registry errors or by malware (virus) infections. It is highly recommended that you scan your PC with SpeedyPC Pro's Internet Explorer Repair Tool. It will automatically fix the Windows registry AND remove all traces of malware from your PC.

SpeedyPC Pro can fix any Internet explorer errors you have by following the below simple instructions:

  1. Start the Download for SpeedyPC Pro.
  2. Click Run or Open and install as directed.
  3. Click the Scan All button to find all malware and corrupt files on your computer
  4. After scanning, click Repair All to fix Internet Explorer errors.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What Causes Internet Explorer Errors?

Internet Explorer errors are often caused by viruses or malware that you downloaded (intentionally or not) from the internet. These programs corrupt files on your computer and use your computer's resources to steal your personal information. Over time as your hard drive fills it the Windows registries become corrupt. With viruses and everyday use your hard drive becomes less stable with use. This causes a variety of errors. Since Internet Explorer is tied into Microsoft Windows these errors are the first sign of a much larger problem. You either have serious corruption or viruses and malware on your PC. Don't wait to act it will only become worse.

How do I Fix Internet Explorer Errors?

There are a variety of possible issues with Internet Explorer. For example it is tied into your Windows operating system which makes it infinity more complex. It is difficult and only recommended for advance computer users to trouble shoot and repair their own Internet Explorer errors. For everyone else the automatic fix using MyTurboPC  is recommended. Using MyTurboPC is a quick and easy fix for even novice users when dealing with Internet Explorer on Windows PCs.

Automatic Fix - (With SpeedyPC Pro)

The fastest and easiest way to fixing Internet explorer errors to use SpeedyPC Pro. It will go through and optimize your Windows registries and patch Windows to the newest version. Your errors will be gone and your PC will run faster than ever. Why wait when you are just seconds away from a solution to all your PC problems.

To automatically repair your Internet Explorer using SpeedyPC Pro follow the below instructions:

SpeedyPC Pro is designed to look and feel like your web browser. Opening and navigating to this webpage is more difficult than using SpeedyPC Pro to optimize your computer and fixing your IE errors. Don't wast time download SpeedyPC Pro now.

Manual Fix - (Advanced PC Users)

Update Explorer, Windows and Format

First you want to try all the common fixes by updating both IE and Windows. By updating both you can fix a wide variety of problems. If that doesn't work you can format your PC which involves deleting all the files from your PC and re-installing them. Follow the below instructions to manually fix IE errors.

Select the format option based on your hard drives file system. Once you have started formatting your hard drive it will take a few hours and you will see the below screen:

Once formatting is complete you will have to re-install Windows. Once Windows has been re-installed you will want to re-install all your programs and re-configure all your settings. Once this is done your Internet Explorer will be fixed and running like new.

Once your computer has been formatted make sure you install MyTurboPC to prevent further errors from happening. By installing SpeedyPC Pro on your formatted hard drive your PC will be protected from day one. You will not have to format again to fix Internet Explorer errors.

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Internet Explorer Issues?

There are many reasons why your Internet Explorer isn't working like it used to. Since it is tied into the Windows operating system your PC as a whole might be slowing down. In addition to fixing your Internet Explorer issues SpeedyPC Pro will optimize Windows as a whole to improve your PC's overall performance.

Get Like New Performance With Speedy PC Pro

SpeedyPC Pro offers computer users all of the tools that they need, whether you want to optimize your system just a little or do a complete system tune up to get truly peak performance from your PC. SpeedyPC Pro’s Startup Manager allows you to increase your startup speed and free up system resources. It also allows you to adjust other settings to improve your PC’s speed – and that’s just one of the many tools included in this advanced system optimization suite.

Instantly Speed Up Your PC Now!

SpeedyPC Pro has solutions for all of your Internet Explorer and Windows problems. It can scan, analyze and optimize your system’s memory use, find and remove unnecessary files cluttering your hard drive and clean your registry to resolve and prevent errors. SpeedyPC Pro can even improve your Internet Explorers speed and protect your privacy online by clearing your web browser’s history and cache.

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